Slip and Trip Accident: A Serious Matter that Needs a Claim

Slip Incidents

Slipping, falling, and tripping are some of the accidents that commonly happen on a daily basis. They can also happen to anyone, regardless of the age, fitness, and physical ability. In fact, there are many slip and fall accidents that resulted in minor injuries such as graze and bruises. Some think of these things as nothing serious, but the more devastating injuries could be sustained from these seemingly innocuous incidents. Injuries may range from serious fractures in the wrist as the victim tries to  break their fall to brain injury or spinal trauma. The type of injury that a person may incur depends on various factors and each of them needs to be taken into consideration.

During winter, the accident claims for slip, trip, and fall becomes higher. Homes and business owners have been offered details and ways on how to reduce the tendency of these accidents. The claims usually increase during the autumn and winter seasons. Leaves fall onto paths and they become wet and slippery, then there are ice forms in an extremely cold weather and less daylight. Rain also becomes more common and the high winds scatter the debris in unlikely places. In addition, an ongoing problem of property maintenance persists, a responsibility that falls on the shoulders of the freeholder.

While you can help and prevent other people from slipping, falling, or tripping at work or at home, there is no guarantee that they would do the same for you. Slippery floors which are left unmarked, cracked ice or cement that could have been condoned off may result in a potentially dangerous fall. The injuries which can possibly be sustained from these hazards will not only cause inconvenience, but can also affect the income if you need to take a long time off work as one of the results. In most cases, the victims blame themselves for such stupidity, while being unaware that the responsibility for their own safety actually lies in the hands of another person. And these accidents are often preventable.


Work Incident

If you have been hurt from a slip and fall accident, there are various things that you can do in order to protect your rights and be sure that you can recover what you're entitled and deserving to receive under the law. This would include making notes of the accident, getting the names and addresses, as well as the phone numbers of the witnesses and save all evidences of whatever has caused the fall. One good way to record these things to have detailed photographs of the scene during the occurrence of the accident. You can also include a newspaper to scale and date such accident.

The next thing is to report the accident to the employees and staff of the business, but never be pressured to give a statement before talking with a lawyer. Under the law, you are not obliged to say anything to anyone connected to the business. You surely do not want that something you said will be used against you at the end of the day. Then, seek the advice of a good lawyer for you to be given justice and be compensated for all the damages and the pain that you have incurred.


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