Chiropractors: Quackery or Science?

chiropractic medicine for back pain

The task of looking for Calgary Chiropractors may be tedious, especially if you are nursing some sort of pain induced by severe injuries. That said, whether you've been tackled, hit by moving furniture or have been involved in a car crash, your physician may have referred you to a chiropractor. That said however, there are several existing misgivings, especially by those who do not believe that this branch of alternative medicine is legitimate. Some even dismiss it as pure quackery. Fortunately though, chiropractic medicine is LEGIT, and the results speak for it. First off though, what exactly is it?


Chiropractic Medicine. It is a health care profession, done by Calgary chiropractors and those from other regions, states and countries, that focuses on dealing with the disorders of the musculoskeletal system and nervous system and its effects on overall health. It covers treatments and methods in dealing with pain in the spine, neck, joints, muscles and even headaches, especially if modern medicine is unable to find ways in order to negate the pain.


Patients. Currently, there are millions of patients visiting Calgary chiropractors and those from other areas. In the United States alone, there are over 22 million people who visit chiropractic physicians annually, attesting to the treatment's effectiveness. People who have visited these practitioners have mostly experienced injuries from accidents, sports and certain complications like muscle strains. 

Now that you know what chiropractic medicine is, what do the practitioners do and how exactly do they treat their patients?


Hands-on spinal manipulation. Basically, Calgary Chiropractors and practitioners from other areas use drug-free methods and hands-on treatment to rid the body of pain. The theory behind this is their methods properly aligning the musculoskeletal structure, especially the spine, enabling the body to heal itself without medication. They will also try to restore mobility to the joints restricted by a traumatic event.


Recommendations. Calgary chiropractors are also trained to recommend rehabilitative exercises, as well as lifestyle advice and dietary counseling. That said, never approach chiropractors that are known to dish out drug and dietary supplement prescriptions. 


Chiropractors do not just treat their patients immediately, they will first try to assess patients through their patient's medical history, diagnostic testing, clinical examinations to determine if this chiropractic medicine is the best type of treatment for this. That said, people with osteoporosis (degeneration of the bone), spinal cord problems and inflammatory arthritis should avoid chiropractic treatment – no practitioners in their right mind would treat anyone with it. 


Despite having mostly negative reviews, chiropractic medicine has been proven safe and effective for treating acute low back pain, as well as headaches, according to patient reviews and research. So, do the above mentioned facts prove that chiropractic medicine is a science? Yes, it definitely is a science – not quackery. That said, practitioners have also undergone four years of education in a Chiropractic college, so you should be assured if your chiropractor has a DC after his family name. Overall, don't fret: this field of medicine is legitimate and will always be sought out in the future. 

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